Anti-Sex Trafficking

Zona Norte in Tijuana

Zona Norte is one of the largest red light districts in North America, and is widely known as a hub for sex-tourism. Many of the bars and nightclubs in this neighborhood are fronts for brothels, and are attached to motels with short-interval rentals. 

It is also a highly volatile area, with high rates of poverty, transience and crime.

Breakfast Program

Prostitution is legal within the boundaries of the neighborhood, and many of the women dedicated to this profession have young children. Through Reflect Ministries, we run a breakfast program that seeks to meet the practical need of hunger, while providing an avenue for relationship building and influence in the lives of these children. Over the course of a year, we serve aprox. 10,000 meals to the children in Zona Norte.

Christmas Program

Additionally, we have a special christmas program for kids, where we give away 450 wrapped presents. While they wait in line, we sing christmas carols and play with them. For many, these represent the only gifts they’ll receive in the holiday season, and it is an opportunity to bring cheer and joy, and communicate the wonderful news of Jesus’ birth.